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Discretionary Financing

Discretionary Financing is a trading facility that allows clients to settle their outstanding purchase at any time up to T+7. With Discretionary Financing, clients have the flexibility in portfolio management where a stock can be sold at a later date to cover the cost of a stock purchase.

Fees incurred on discretionary financing are lower than brokerage fees that need to be paid to rollover a purchase contract. Collateral is in the form of shares or cash deposits.

Quick view on Discretionary Financing


Brokerage Cost & Savings Contract Value of RM100k
Brokerage (one way) RM100k X 0.6% = RM600
Brokerage (two ways) RM100k x 1.2% = RM1,200
Discretionary Financing fees RM100k x 0.3% = RM300
Cost savings RM1,200 – RM300 = RM900

Note: The figures above are for illustration purposes only. For the exact fees, please contact your dealer or remisier.

Non-acceptable Stocks

PN17 stocks, Warrants, Loan Stocks and RHB Capital shares


Settlement is by way of contra or cash. Settlement date is by T+7 and forced selling is on T+8.


Please contact your dealer or remisier for the latest rates.

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