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Borrowing to invest using a margin loan is a proven wealth-generation strategy. Use your holdings as security so you can borrow funds to increase your portfolio.

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Borrowing to invest is a proven wealth-creation strategy, and one that many people who have invested in property are familiar with.  RHB gives you the opportunity to borrow to grow your portfolio with RHB Bank Share Margin Financing (SMF).

What is Share Margin Financing?

RHB Bank Share Margin Financing helps you increase the amount you can invest by providing you with additional funds to purchase shares. Your loan is secured by the shares you buy. 

Why get a RHB Bank Share Margin Financing?

Financing purchase of stocks listed on Bursa Malaysia. Cash advance from SMF account. Redemption of loan secured by acceptable stocks.

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How does a Share Margin Financing work?

How does a Share Margin Financing work?
Borrowing against an existing portfolio
Purchasing more shares

Share Margin Financing explained

What are the risks? How do I manage them?

Margin calls
Managing the risks

RHB Bank's SMF provides various financing packages to facilitate your shares trading & investment activities:

  • Normal SMF facility for trading & investing in basket of shares.
  • Financing of Executive Shares Option Scheme ("ESOS") shares.
  • Financing of Initial Public Offering ("IPO") shares allotted by MITI, placement shares, etc.
  • Financing of "SINGLE COUNTER" that meets our qualifying criteria.

[For products other than Normal SMF, please refer to our SMF Dept. for details.]

Minimum Facility Amount RM50,000 only
Interest Rate
>RM500k           : BLR*-2.0% p.a. for 1st year
  : BLR*-0.5% p.a. thereafter
≤RM500k           : BLR*-1.75% p.a. for 1st year
  : BLR*-0.5% p.a. thereafter
Collateral Flexibility** Fixed Deposit placed with RHB Bank
Acceptable stocks listed on Bursa Malaysia
Margin of Advance** Up to 60%
Shares Trading or Cash Advance Multiple** Fixed Deposit / Cash: 2.5x
Listed Shares: 1.5x
Cash Advance: 0.60x

* Base on current BLR

** Terms & Conditions Apply